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  • mes "<message>";
  • mes "<Line 1>","<Line 2>","<Line 3>";
  • mes "<message>"+<variable> or command +"<message>";


The most basic scripting command.
Displays a window with <message> in it to the invoking character, if the window already exists, it will just display the given message.
Notice that mes does not create a next or close button, so you have to create one using the next or close command, otherwise the player will be stuck in your script.

Use the + operator to give out multiple messages combined with variables or some commands(for example countitem, getitemname or strcharinfo)in one mes.

Use "^<Red><Green><Blue> " in front of the message to give <message> a color.
<Red><Green><Blue> stand for three hexadecimal numbers, representing the color components of Red Green and Blue in the wanted colour, like a html-code(see examples).
Do not forget to set the color to black again, by putting "^000000" after your message, exept you want to color your whole text...

Be careful: Magenta (ff00ff) is considered as transparent in the client, using it in a Dialogue will result in a weird (or funny) effect.


mes "Hello World";
//Will open up a text box with:

Hello World

mes "Hello 1","Hello 2","Hello 3";
// This will Generate 3 lines

Hello 1
Hello 2
Hello 3

mes "Hello"+strcharinfo(0)+", how are you?";
// Will upon up a textbox printing:

Hello Charname, how are you?

mes "^FF0000 Hello World^000000";
//Will open up a text box with

Hello World

mes "\'Hello!\'";
// use \as prefix to include Symbols:
// will print: