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You can find here some information to start making server-side source modifications.


How Hercules works

Hercules has a multi-process architecture. It runs three different processes: login-server, char-server and map-server.

Login Server

Login server : receives the login packet, checks if account exists and if the password is correct. If all is OK, the connection is then passed to the char-server.


Char-server : controls all the character related, Guild, party, pet, inventory etc.


The last one is the map-server, which controls char and NPC position, chats, skills, exp etc.

Source Modifications

Before you start modifying Hercules, you should better take a look first on Category:Source_Functions. Remember, it's necessary to re-compile Hercules after a source modification. You can also find information about packets.

Pre-Made Modifications

Also can take a look at modifications made by other users.